Artist Jane Lee McCracken constructs intricate multi-layered Biro drawings, and sculptures and installations incorporating her drawings. Her work is impassioned by childhood memoirs, fairy tales, forests, wildlife, films and documentaries. Along with her continuing interest in war and loss Jane's artwork is both beautiful and representational of life's brutal reality. Her meticulous drawings take several months to research and make, and incorporate complex and symbolic drawing layers. Her working method often includes photographing television screens as films or documentaries are played. This produces inspirational images to work from, giving her drawings a cinematic quality. Her work provokes consideration of loss and destruction, creating memorials of lives lived, both human and animal and ways of life and environments lost. 

High quality art prints, beautifully reproduced from her original Biro drawings are made by one of the best printmaker's in the industry. Jane's fine English china collection of limited edition coupe plates and mugs are made in Stoke-on-Trent to the highest standard by prestigious ceramic designers and manufacturers The New English.